Road Projects

Summer 2018 Road Work:

As of October 8, 2018 road resurfacing and chip seal work has been completed for the season. Pavement and sidewalk striping will be completed by mid-October. Wet weather over the last five weeks as resulted in a number of delays, starts, and stops. We apologize for the inconsistent communications during that time frame as we attempted to work with contractors to schedule around these heavy rain days.

Chip seal project areas will have an additional slurry seal or micro seal put on in the spring of 2019. The process of combining chip seal with a slurry is called cape seal. Please note that chip seal and cape seal are techniques used to extend the useful life of an existing road by an estimated five to ten years. Both are forms of pavement preservation recognized for their effectiveness by state and federal agencies. Pavement preservation projects typically do not look the same as a traditional mill and resurface project. However, these processes are less expensive than traditional mill and resurface projects. As a result, the city can perform preservation efforts in more areas of our community and achieve maximum value for your tax dollars. To understand more about why we perform pavement preservation please visit: 

Summer 2019 Road Work:

Planning for phase II of our three year road improvement project is already underway. City crews will be performing more condition assessment work to include areas that require sewer system repairs and/or the installation of curb and gutter. We expect to bid projects in January of 2019.