Mural Contest

City of Durand Mural Contest

An Art in Place Grant Program sponsored by GLS Region V
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About the program

The City of Durand, through a partnership with the I-69 Thumb Region and GLS Region V, is seeking artists for a collaborative mural project in Downtown Durand. The final installation will feature art work from three to five different artists, each with their own unique take on the design theme presented below.

Design theme
The theme of this installation is “community pride”. We are seeking design concepts that emphasize civic engagement and a sense of place by answering questions such as 1) what or who makes our community great and 2) how can we build towards even greater things in the future. This might include imagery highlighting tangible features of the community, declarative text statements, or other general concepts that denote a feeling of community pride. Bold or abstract design choices are also welcome.

Each artist will be required to paint two 4-foot-wide by 9-foot-high wood panel boards for a total surface area of 8-foot-wide by 9-foot-high. These boards can be painted post install at the final site or pre-install at the artists’ own location. Boards painted pre-install can be pick-up at the install site any time after award notification and returned to that location upon completion. Delivery and pick-up assistance through the City of Durand is available. The city is also able to accommodate indoor, on-site painting in a limited capacity at the install location.

Award description
The artist of each 8-foot by 9-foot installation will be award $1,000 in total. This total amount includes $200 upon award acceptance and $800 upon final completion. This award is expected to cover the cost of paint, weather sealing, the artists time, and any contingency costs associated with performing the work. Wood panels and installation will be provided by the City of Durand.

Selection process
Artists will be required to submit an official submission form along with a proof of their intended design. Please note the proof is necessary to aid our selection committee in identifying artists that best reflect the theme. The attached submission form includes a rectangular box that is drawn to scale.

Submissions and proofs are due no later than October 25, 2018. The selection committee reserves the right to select any number of submissions and may award submissions earlier than that deadline.

Submission guidelines
Please use this official submission form.
Mail or email completed submissions to Colleen O’Toole, City Manager, at or:

215 W Clinton Street
Durand, MI 48429