Emergency Sirens and Shelters

Emergency Sirens & Shelter Information

The City of Durand has a system of emergency sirens to alert residents to dangerous weather conditions and other emergencies. We want to make sure everyone knows what these sirens mean, and what to do when you hear them. Be prepared to react quickly in case of a tornado or other local emergency.


  • When you hear emergency sirens, an actual emergency is taking place. This is the only reason the sirens would be activated, except for scheduled monthly testing.
    • Siren testing is done the second Sunday of each month at noon.
  • If the sirens blow continuously for three minutes, a tornado has been spotted in the area, likely in Shiawassee County.
  • If the sirens blow continuously without stopping, an ongoing emergency is taking place and residents should shelter in place and wait for further instructions.

Emergency Shelter:

  • In the event of an emergency, City Hall is a designated emergency shelter. However, City Hall cannot accept pets.
  • The Fire Hall next to City Hall is also open during emergencies and can accept residents with pets.