Road Projects

2019 Road Work:
Street work for 2019 is expected to commence in early August and be completed by late October. There are currently eighteen unique street segments included in this year's project. Streets will be resurfaced or reconstructed in the following order:

1. College Subdivision: Harvard, Cambridge, Dartmouth,Huron, Oxford, Vanderbilt
2. Mackinaw
3. Marquette, Huron (west of Mackinaw), Obert, dead end of Tuscola
4. McBride, Lovejoy, Creekpoint, Mapleston
5. Centennial
6. N Oak Street
7. S Saginaw, E Fauble

A tentative schedule is available here. This schedule is subject to change in the event of any weather delays.

2019 Roads2

If you have any questions please contact Jeff Stull, Director of Public Works, at 989-288-3113 or