Traffic Regulations


Major Streets: Overnight parking is prohibited on major streets within the City of Durand year-round. Major streets include North Oak Street, South Oak Street, North Saginaw Street, West Main Street, and East Main Street. Please adhere to posted signage along those road ways.

Local Streets: Overnight parking on local streets is prohibited during the winter months (December 1st to April 30th) between 3AM and 6AM except by permit. Residents may apply for a seasonal on-street parking permit annually for a cost of $15 per vehicle. Applications are subject to approval by the Chief of Police. Overnight parking is permitted from May 1st to November 30th. There are no permit requirements for overnight on street parking during non-winter months.  

Winter Parking: Overnight parking on any street is prohibited annually from December 1st to April 30th, except by permit for local streets only. Even with a permit, vehicles are required to be moved any time there is snow in excess of 2 inches so that snow plows can clear the streets.
On Street Parking Permit Application

In addition to overnight parking regulations the City of Durand has adopted the Uniform Traffic Code for Cities, Villages, and Townships. Within that code additional regulations exist such as parking a minimum distance from stop signs, sidewalks, and fire hydrants. Vehicles that are found to be in violation of any parking restrictions shall be issued a citation for violation under the Uniform Traffic Code.  During winter months, if the Department of Public Works is plowing snow and a vehicle is found parked on the street without a permit the vehicle may also be towed. More information regarding the Uniform Traffic Code is available on the State of Michigan website: