Winter Parking Regulations

A Friendly Reminder

We're well into the cold snowy season now, and we're likely to get more snow before it's over. We just want to remind you of a few things we all need to keep in mind this Winter.

It's very important to keep the streets clear for snowplows. Please remember not to leave garbage cans or other objects in the street where they can be struck by snowplows, and be mindful of Durand's winter parking rules. During the winter months, between 3 AM and 6 AM, there should be no parking on major streets (Saginaw, Oak, and Main), and parking on other streets is allowed only with a winter parking permit. Permit application are available online or at Durand City Hall.

When more than two inches of snowfall is expected, do not leave your vehicle parked on a city street even if you have a permit. Any vehicle that blocks the path of a snowplow may be ticketed or even towed if necessary.

The City of Durand requires occupants and owners of property in the city to ensure that any sidewalks adjoining their property are clear of snow. You should clear any snow that falls during the night by 12:00 noon of the following day. Keeping our sidewalks usable will make this winter easier for all of us.

Winter on Street Parking Ordinance 02-01-2021