Public Notices & Bids

Business Bids & Proposals: The City of Durand is currently accepting sealed bids and proposals for:

All proposals and bids are open to the public, subject to the individual rules governing each announcement. Note, preference is not given to contractors who are mailed a bid. The process of identifying and mailing bids is to ensure sufficient competition in the bid process.
BID:  The City of Durand is currently accepting bids for sidwalk work to be done at Trumble Park.  Bid Packet  Detailed Plans  Specifications

Public Notices:

December 5, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. Durand City Council Workshop to discuss Redevelopment/T.I.F opportunities for 209 S. Oak Street.  Notice

Public Notice for Public Hearing Regarding Zoning Ordinance Amendment:  PH Notice

Public Hearing for Vacant Building Ordinance, December 5, 2022:  PH Notice  Complete Ordinance