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No meeting scheduled for July

Planning Commission Meeting Canceled

Stay informed.

Spring Ordinances

Some important things to keep in my mind during the Spring and Summer months.
Vital Information

Emergency Sirens and Shelters

Learn all about the City's emergency siren system and shelter options.
Available at City Hall.

Absent Voter Applications

Click through for more information on the May 7 election.
Stay up to date on city laws

Grass and Yard ordinances

Please remember to keep your grass short and your yard clean this summer. Click through for details.
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Durand PD Now Hiring

Durand Police Department is looking to hire new part time officers. Click through for a job application and contact information.
Learn more about the City's IDEP

Illicit Discharge Elimination

The City of Durand Illicit Discharge Elimination Program (IDEP) helps us to protect public waterways and infrastructure.
Information on proposed development

Project Tim

As the developers make more information publicly available the City will share information via its website. We appreciate the community's patience as we work through confidentiality concerns.
Let it snow.

Winter is Here

Do your part to keep our streets and sidewalks safe when the snow falls.
April 20 at 10 a.m.

Easter Egg Hunt

Click through for details.